10 cute gifts for beauty lovers

Well cuties, the season of giving is here! It’s also the time for looking and feeling your best, and what better way to do all of the above than with some extra special gifts for your loved ones and yourself?

Don’t think too much!

We’ve already prepared a list for you to choose from.

1.Kevin Murphy

The change of weather might bring about dry hair, but keep this hydration set handy and your hair will stay as soft as silk. Just as you adapt your skin care to the change of season, don’t forget to also include your hair care in the process and what better way to do it than with the best selling Kevin Murphy products.


Luxury, opulence, and all the benefits that the sea brings us in the formula of this exceptional marine product. The Thalgo Exception is a lavish product range made to give your skin all the care it deserves, targeting any loss of firmness or wrinkles. To restore beauty, youth and a glowing complexion, this kit also contains a special eye cream to lift droopy eyelids.



No time for a trip to the salon? Maybe you like doing your own hair at home? Well here’s your new favorite tool whether you want straight or wavy hair. This 2 in 1 hairstyler allows you can ease of use with a simple twist of the heat plates: 1 side is for straightening, and the 2nd side is for waving.

Staying trendy was never so easy!




Mavala is not only synonymous with healthy nails, it’s also a wide range of skin care made with all the goodness of the Swiss Alps. And here’s one of our bestsellers for thick beautiful lashes and thick brows, the Mavala double lash which you can use every night. Of course you’ll also need the extra black mascara to turn heads wherever you go!


5.Tangle Angel

For kids and kids at heart, how cute is this hair brush? And it’s not just great for detangling. There is a Tangle Angel for every type of hair, curly thick or fine, to use on wet or dry hair, to slick it back or fluff it up.

For girls and boys as well!


6.Make-Up Studio

Did you know that as a consequence of the Corona quarantine, our eyes have grown? Apparently it’s from too much time staring at screens. Bigger eyes sure need to look good at all times! Keep them snatched with this warm and sexy eyeshadow palette.


7. Skeyndor

Oily skin? Prone to shine? It’s very important to cleanse and reduce the pores, and that’s exactly what this Skeyndor kit is for. Use the clay mask to absorb extra shine, and then moisturize to improve skin texture and show yourself some love.


8. Goldwell

Curly hair is such a hassle isn’t it? No that’s not what we want to hear! Curly hair is big, bold and beautiful, even though it takes so much time and attention. But you can get great hair when you use the appropriate products such as the professional range specifically dedicated by Goldwell. It’s the secret your hair dresser doesn’t want you to know about!



9. Kemon

Doing your body good while being good to the environment: how sweet is that? The Actyvabio range of skin care products is organic and vegan on top of being extra moisturizing. It’s also the first organic professional skin care line certified to the COSMOS ORGANIC standards.

Way cool!



10.Kevin Murphy

Short hair, long hair, thin hair, thick hair? With this hair kit you won’t have a care! This hair kit will give your hair an extra push of volume, for any occasion.



So have we inspired you with our gifts? Remember, with every purchase of AED 200 you get a free gift!

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