What’s in your travel bag?

Finally…summer is here and we are free to travel!

As we venture outside again and experience the world, finally we are ready for travelling. So you’ve planned your trip and you’re taking all the health precautions, but are you sure you’ve got everything you need? Let’s have a look at the skin care you’re packing, because even before you arrive to your destination, your skin will be put to the test while in transit. Be it on an airplane, train or automobile, the AC and the heat can take their toll on your skin leaving it dehydrated. That is NOT what we want at all! We’re all about being fabulous babes! Let’s check your travel bag for the items you should be packing, and let the summer of fabulous begin!

Care for your Face

1. Cloth face mask

A reusable face mask will keep you protected from Covid-19 and also will help protect the environment from trash. The washable face masks are a must for every eco-conscious fashionista. And don’t forget to coordinate it with your nail polish! It’s very à la mode.

2. Sun protection


Your face must be protected from sun exposure, not only if you’re going to spend a day at the beach or in the desert. Even if you’re going shopping or sight-seeing, you must be wearing SPF if you want to avoid pigmentation and premature skin aging. A great way to do so is to have makeup that contains protection, such as the Skeyndor compact powder. It has a matt finish and is long lasting- reapply all through the day. We can’t wait to see your #sunsafeselfies.

3. Hydrating mist


Overheating is a big No-No because it’s a sure way to irritate your skin and cause inflammation. To cool down and refresh all day long, use a spritz of the Thalgo marine mist that is rich with the hydrating and curing properties of the miracle product sève bleue des océans. Re-apply this hydrating water whenever you’re hot, tired or just need to refresh.

Care for your Hair



. Travel size spray/ dry shampoo


Long days in hot, humid weather? You might need to refresh your hair quickly before you go out, and the best way to do so is with dry shampoo. This Kevin Murphy fragrant mist will soak up any excess sweat from your hair as well as refresh the scalp, providing a boost to your hairdo.

Care for your Hands


. Hydrating hand sanitizer


A beautifully scented gel that kills germs and viruses but also hydrates your hands? We are living for this product. Don’t go anywhere without it!

Care for your Nails


1. Travel size nail polish


Being on the go is no excuse for not having glam nails, and we’ve got some great options for you. For the Mavala addicts who refuse to use anything else, pack your Mavala Minis. These 5ml tiny bottles look more like jewels, we know, and they’re so practical. They fit anywhere and they are extremely glossy.

2. Washable nail polish


Scared your nails might chip? Worried you don’t have time for a manicure? For those who want to be practical and still be fashionable, we’ve got a perfect product for you: the Nova Nails washable nail polish. These colorful and fun nail polish colors don’t only go on easy, they are also very easy to remove- with just water.

Cheers to your summer adventures! And remember to recycle, stay safe, and be kind!