As a general rule, most guys don’t spend a massive amount of time on their shaving routine. They simply wake up, splash some water across their face, whip out a bit of shaving cream, and start shaving.

However shaving or even growing a beard can be a bit messy—the irritable neck hairs, the awkward phases, the dreaded unevenness. Luckily for you, there is an array of beard products on the market today to turn your sorrows into a pleasure. We know what you want to ask: do you really need to buy a shampoo specifically for your beard? Invest in a specialty beard oil? Spring for a beard conditioner? Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Your beard is one of your most important assets, and a thing of beauty: it deserves to be treated that way.

Now in the men’s grooming field, beard maintenance falls between the lines of skin care and hair care. They are both very much interlinked. You have to take care of both the hair coming out of your face and the skin underneath that hair; there is no prioritizing one over the other.

The essential pillars of skin care still apply here, such as cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. You may think that the expensive shampoo you bought for your hair can double as a beard wash, for example, however it will most likely be too tough on your facial skin and can cause dryness or itchiness. This is where beard washes come to play: they are formulated to effectively clean both your facial hair and face skin.

Beards also need to be taken care of the same way women keep their hairstyle game on point; they need to be regularly trimmed and styled. Therefore the products you use to trim and shape your beard to keep it looking its best is extremely important, while using a styling product like beard balm keeps you from looking messy.

So to help you get started, we did some sorting the pros swear by—through the Cozmada combs, oils, trimmers, and more—to tame stray hairs with ease and grow a healthy-looking beard.

Qp10 Trimmer Blue Glossy

The single most important tool in a beard-care arsenal is a good trimmer. Whether you’re going for a crazy Tony Stark-esque design or just want to keep your lines crisp, a small detailer can be your best friend. Try the QP-10 professional cordless hair trimmer takes the ingenuity of hair styling to next level. The ultra-close 0.3mm cutting feature with a sharp accuracy blade allows you to create any various patterns, designs and tattoos. It is the perfect machine to cut your hair contour and trim your beard.

Quattro professional cordless hair trimmer

Hair Manya Beard Oil 100ml

Using a beard oil a few times a week or more can help you provide that extra care to keep your beard feeling healthy and nourished while softening facial hair and the underlying skin, so that it stays smooth and less itchy. In addition, it also helps fight off beard dandruff (dry, dead skin leads to scratching, which can lead to dandruff), which is something most bearded people encounter once in a lifetime. Beard oils provide the required moisturization to the skin beneath and prevent dandruff. Try the Kemon Hair Manya Beard Oil that tames the beard, leaving it soft and hydrated. Using a few drops before shaving softens the beard and creates a protection against razor micro-traumas to the skin. Plus, you can’t argue with the elevated scent of this oil.

Kemon Hair Manya Beard Oil

Men Shaving After Shave Balm 75ml

More and more men have begun to understand the importance of a good skincare rootine, which includes a post-shave routine. Long gone are days of irritated, burning skin after a shave ever since post-shave balms began trending. Not to be confused with aftershaves, which are essentially designed for their scent and have an alcohol base which can hurt or sting a post-shave sensitive skin. On the contrary, post-shave balms act like moisturizers that hydrate and soothe skin, counteracting the irritation which can occur as a result of the shaving process. Try using our Men Shaving After-Shave Balm, which is instantly absorbed to soothe the skin. It is alcohol-free, and the soothing and repairing ingredients effectively ease away feelings of discomfort caused by shaving.

Thalgo After Shave Balm

Men Creative Anti-Friction Shaving Gel 1000ml

A quality shave requires the right shaving gel. Shaving gels soften facial hairs, lubricate, protect and moisturize the skin. This means you don’t need to apply as much pressure to your razor to achieve a clean shave. And as we all know, less pressure means fewer cuts! Vasso shaving gel offers a comfortable shaving experience thanks to its specially developed friction-reducing formula. This shaving gel presents a charming and masculine smell with spicy base notes and also spreads a bold and cool smell with fresh top notes!

Vasso Anti-Friction Shaving Gel