We think we’re speaking for all women out there when we say almost all of them have never seen their bare nails in years. We’d find you every two to three weeks back at the nail salon repeating your manicure routine and taking off your grown-out gel set. Because let’s face it: how good does it feel after getting a good gel manicure? And what’s not to love about them! They can help us to feel put together, you don't need to wait for the paint to dry, and they stay shiny and long-lasting the entire time so you don’t have to worry about them chipping off in the middle of your dinner date two days after getting them done. All in all: they’re just a really easy way to conceal your natural nails and looking more elegant and beautiful.

Then when you sit down at your manicurist to take them off and let your nails rest for a while; that’s when it hits you: gel manicures can be actually damaging to your nails! In fact, typing the word damage is an understatement; the gel causes brittleness, peeling and cracking, and all you’re left with are nails that are so unhealthy and thin that the thought of even holding anything with them scares you. Perhaps you’ll find it even struggling for them to grow. This is actually a common occurrence, especially if you pick the polish off yourself and do not get it removed properly.

The good news is that there is a solution for everything, and in order to get your healthy nails back and take them back to decent condition, you need to give them the proper care with the following Cozmada nailcare products.


Cuticle Oil 10ml

Cuticles tend to harden and split when they do not receive daily care. In addition, damaged cuticles give a neglected appearance to nails and make nice hands look dull, that’s why one of the easiest ways to repair damaged nails is to apply a good cuticle oil and hydrate your nails. It is considered the key to healthy nail growth: its intense concentration of moisturizing properties helps rejuvenate your nails and applying it massages in some much-needed nourishments and vitamins in order to keep your nails subtle and soft. You can try the Mavala Cuticle Oil which maintains the suppleness of the cuticles and softens the skin surrounding the nail, thus enabling it to be rolled gently back. Not only that but it also provides a well-groomed contour to the nails, helps strengthen and thicken them, and promotes blood flow to stimulate thick, strong nails. The Mavala cuticle oil also maintains the cuticles’ suppleness and acts as an extra barrier to protect your post-gel manicure nails.

Mavala cuticle oil

Treatment - Defense 18ml

Applying a nail strengthener(a type of base coat that deeply heals and hardens the damaged nail), once or twice a day is one hack to maintain healthy nails and fortify and reinforce your natural damaged nails. The protein it contains is naturally found in nails and hair, and applying it could help ensure protection for natural nails, in turn helping to make them strong and resilient over time and support their healthy growth. Try Nail Defense, a strengthening base coat that treats splitting and peeling nails. This protein-enriched formula helps protect and fortify nails that split or peel easily after a gel manicure. It also bonds nail layers together and seals the nail to prevent breakage and fortify weak nails.

Nail defence treatment

Treatment - Nail Armor 18ml

Another nail straightener for the win: our Nail Armor, the literal knight in shining armor to your damaged nails in distress. This nail care product strengthens your natural nails with silk fiber nail wrap formula while smoothing the ridges and it is the ideal treatment for weak, fragile and ridged nails that are lacking of vitamins especially after a gel manicure. It greatly enhances your natural nail’s condition by providing two important benefits: physical protection and nutrients in order to reinforce the structure and body of the nail and promote nail growth.

P.S: it can be worn alone or as a ridge filling basecoat for flawless color application! How exciting.

Nail armor strengthens your natural nails

Scientifique Applicator 4.5ml

The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily. This is therefore the part of the nail to be strengthened. By quickly hardening the nail, Mavala Scientifique restores soft, flaking or splitting nails to their normal and strong aspect. Its formula hardens the nail plate by bonding its three layers together. It is a penetrating aqueous solution that is neither a base nor a nail polish which protects the tip of your nail from chipping and breaking and strengthens the most fragile part of your nail for safe and secure use. In short, the hardener restores the nails to their former pre-gel glory.

Mavala Scientifique restores splitting nails