5 tips to take care of oily hair

Mirror mirror on the wall, why is my hair greasy after I just washed it?

Oily hair is usually a cyclical problem that never seems to go away. As dermatologists explain, your scalp is a lot like the skin on your face and over-washing it can cause further irritation. If it sounds like that might be the case for you, the good news is that there are some habits that will help you become less greasy! Here are 5 tips to consider if you’re struggling with oily hair.

1. Use a scalp scrub

Whether you were born this way or just going through a cycle, oily hair can hugely benefit from a scrub. Actually any scalp would benefit from removing the product and pollution buildup, ridding it of excess oil and leaving your hair fresh and clean.

To exfoliate, purify and detoxify your scalp we recommend the Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa scrub made with celery extract and perlite spheres that exfoliate gently while protecting the scalp. 

Use a scalp scrub

2. Choose the right products

Fact: when your hair is oily, you must take care not to use any harsh products that might strip it from hydration, which in turn will make the scalp overproduce oil. It’s a never-ending cycle isn’t it? Products that are sulfate free, paraben free as well as natural, will help protect from dryness and cleanse your hair without stripping your scalp. In addition, the use of active ingredients like Zinc-PCA helps regulate the production of sebum, keeping your hair fresh for longer.

Try the Goldwell Dualsenses Scalp specialist products for a deep cleanse that’s specially formulated for greasy hair. 

Choose the right products


3. Use a dry shampoo between washes

If you are someone who must wash their hair every day because it gets too oily, you must stop this habit because it’s actually making it worse. The less you wash your hair, the better results you’ll see in the long run. But it doesn’t mean you should endure the oily residue.

To keep your hair looking clean you can use dry shampoo like our favorite Fresh Hair from Kevin Murphy. Part your hair into small sections and spray the product at the roots. Then massage it softly until the product is completely absorbed. As your scalp starts producing oil, the dry shampoo will absorb it immediately keeping your hair fresh.

Expert tip: If you still absolutely need to give your hair a wash, then just rinse it with water. Then gently towel dry and spritz some dry shampoo.

Use a dry shampoo between washes


4. Try a texturizing spray

This will be an option to replace the dry shampoo. If you need to upkeep your hair every day, then you can’t keep using the dry shampoo for fear of clogging your scalp. Instead, try a lightweight texturizing spray to revive your hair without adding too much oiliness or weighing it down.

For a flexible hold and texture, try the Goldwell Kerasilk Texturizing finish spray to refresh your hair between washes and also boost your style.

Try a texturizing spray


5. Clean your brush

Ok, we’re not even gonna ask when was the last time you replaced your brush (Girl we know!) but when was the last time you cleaned it? Your hair brush not only collects dust and mold, it’s also full of styling products and oil. Let’s get real, you need to get all that hair out of the bristles, then soak it overnight in some vinegar and soap.

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Clean your brush


Now mirror mirror on the wall, who’s got the prettiest hair of all?