5 new beauty trends

Hey there beauty addicts!

As a global pandemic has changed the face of our world, it has also changed our skin care routine and the way we look after ourselves. We are waking up to more natural products, more protection and healing for our skin, and less harm to the environment.


How about we check out 5 new trends in beauty and skin care?

1) Skinimalism

Fresh beauty is IN. As a more natural look is taking over after the corona pandemic, it’s less make-up and more skin care. Having to deal with maskne, zoom meetings and lockdown, it has translated to less time for complicated beauty routines. A naturally shiny skin is what everyone wants right now. It’s time for fast and effective Skinimalism.

2) Glass skin

As a result of the hugely popular stream of Korean actresses on our screens (and they are so beautiful), the glass skin phenomenon has taken over the world. What is it exactly? It’s bright, flawless and shiny skin that looks fresh all day long, and the number one secret for this look is having a thoroughly clean base. We recommend a good exfoliating regimen that will clean any dead cell buildup on your skin’s surface.

3) Focus on Hand Care

As we pay close attention to washing and sanitizing our hands, we also must pay attention to moisturizing them because they’re suffering the price of over-cleaning which dries them out. New hand sanitizers are now boasting hydrating properties, as a 2 in 1 solution. However you choose to clean your hands (by washing or gel or alcohol) a good trick is to keep a hand cream in your purse, as well as in your car, so that you follow every sanitizing with a hand cream application.

4) More protection from direct light

As we spend more and more time in front of our screens, we are being more and more exposed to the blue light that all tech screens emit (laptop, phone, TV...) This not only causes our skin to dry out, it also can be a premature cause of aging! New products are being developed to block these HEV-rays, and they are meant to be used like a sunscreen to block the harmful effects of blue light. To protect our skin from these dreary effects, it’s recommended to use products with antioxidants and marine extracts.

5) Environmentally friendly products

Organic, ecofriendly and recyclable products are becoming the norm. Not only are people demanding more natural products, they also want them to be safe for the environment. A clean world means a better chance for us to survive in harmony with nature.

This more natural approach to our skin and the products we use can only benefit humanity in the long run. Cozmada is proud to carry vegan, organic and ecofriendly products.

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