As the wind begins to blow, leaves begin to fall, and hints of pumpkin spice latte scents start floating around town, you may be ready to say goodbye to summer’s colorful nail polish shades and say hello to finally start wearing moody fall nail polishes. Indeed, with the seasonal transition from summer to fall, you’re going to have to start trading your summer sandals for fall booties, making way for cozy sweaters instead of tank tops, and fall shades instead of summer ones.

With summer 2022 making up for two lost years of fun, vacations and adventures after Covid, it’s hard to believe that fall is lurking around the corner. We think might bring you some comfort and excitement for cooler days when putting on a fresh and elevated manicure to match the fall’s aesthetic.

So which autumn nail colors are actually trending this season? From classic nudes that will look ideal in all your Instagram posts, to shockingly dark shades that go well with any Halloween costume, we hand-picked the prettiest autumn nail polishes based on this year's best fall fashion and beauty trends.

Here are the absolute must-have Cozmada fall nail polish colors to wear in 2022:

Nail Lacquer - Plum Sugar 18ml

We think plum screams sophistication for your nails. It’s stunning but not too bold, and fashion-forward but can work for any daytime look as well. Try Orly nail polish, a highly pigmented formula that provides flawless 2 coat coverage. It is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free & free from 12 harmful ingredients.

Orly ail polish

Nail Polish - Sparkling Red 5ml

A little bit of sparkle never hurt anybody. Sparkling accents add vibrant and multi-hued color that will help boost its wearer’s energy, which is necessary for the busy fall season ahead. In addition, there are so many ways to pull it off! From minimalist hints of shimmer to full-on sparkle, you could embrace your twinkly nails in a lot of ways. For a dose of pure glitter and shine or for a sparkly fun time, try this Sparkling Red Nail Polish. Not only does it look great, but it also has been designed to minimize solvent evaporation and avoid this inconvenience. Plus, because of its small size, you can use the whole content with no waste!

Mavala Nail polish

Color Couture Gel Lacquer - Ruby Sparks 15ml

Ruby red has always and always will be a rich and decadent shade for fall. It is considered a chameleon color that feels very versatile. Try the Entity Gel Nail Polish Color Couture Gel Lacquer Ruby Spark, which is a unique formulation of gel with smooth application, better curing, and longer wear. It is a 'Hybrid Nal Polish' which Soaks off quickly and completely, in minutes. The brush provides a perfect flex with its dome shape and, laser cut bristles to ensure a full coverage and streak free finish. The cherry on top: it achieves better coverage, longer wear, and unbeatable gel-like shine without the light- perfect for fall’s bloomy weather.

Entity Gel nail polish

Nail Lacquer - In The Navy 18ml

A deep ocean shadelike navy is an excellent choice to complement fall’s traditional wardrobes. Navy, a deep rich shade of blue, will make you forget the-end-of-the-summer-blues, and can also create a versatile look when it’s mixed with different textures like chrome, glitter, or matte. Try the In The Navy Nail Lacquer, a highly pigmented formula that provides flawless 2 coat coverage and which will make a big statement on any length.

Orly nail polish Lacquer

Breathable - Nourishing Nude 18ml

Dark nudes and plum hues are going to be big for fall in 2022, but when it comes to fall nail color trends, nude nail colors will always be the most popular and it is a perennial choice for nails. When you’ve been wearing neons and pastels all summer-long you might want to opt for a more fall-like look with warm hues, and for this reason try the Nourishing Nude Nail Polish, a breathable and halal certified nail polish that will never go out of style and prepare you for all the workload catching up you have to do. This polish isn't your average nude, though — it's formulated to flatter all skin tones!

Orly breathable nail polish