3 lesser-known skincare habits to avoid for oily skin

What’s the one thing in life that oily skin beauties are willing to trade all their chocolates for? An acne-free, glowing skin!

While we all want flawless skin, there are a few things we often overlook in our daily regime. And these mistakes can cost us our beautiful skin. Take a look at the following list to know what these bad habits are.

Why not show some love to your makeup brushes?


We all love wearing makeup before stepping out of our house. In fact, that’s probably the highlight of our day because who doesn’t wanna look pretty. But do we take care of the things that help us look pretty? Um, not really.

We ignore our makeup brushes and sponges until we need them for that winged look or bronze highlight. We keep forgetting that they too need our love once in a while.

So, next time you remember to get yourself that amazing new eyeshadow, take a moment and show some love to your makeup brushes too. Take them out for a bath in some shampoo water and help them dry while you clean their cousins too — the sponges.

Show some mercy, don’t over-cleanse your skin


Yes, we know our skin needs cleansing every day but over-cleansing is definitely a crime. Your skin doesn’t need to be stripped of all the natural oil and nutrients. What it needs is some normal twice a day cleansing without you punishing it for nothing other than loving you wholeheartedly.

So, please keep your skin happy and stick to a minimal skin routine. Maybe get a gel-based cleanser. That could actually end up being your skin’s BFF.

Don’t take up the drying challenge, moisturize


Most oily skin beauties think they should punish their skin for being oily and they end up not moisturizing their skin. Well, the truth is skipping moisturizer only makes your skin unhappy. It’s like you are starving your skin for being what she is. That’s not fair.

What you need to do is not let your skin get dry and use a water-based moisturizer. This will not only help your skin glow but also hydrate her in the best way.

Also, a word of caution, stay away from alcohol-based products. They won’t do you much good. Instead, use gel-based products.

What say, are you ready to show some love to your skin and avoid these bad habits?