5 new beauty trends

As a global pandemic has changed the face of our world, it has also changed our skin care routine and the way we look after ourselves. We are waking up to more natural products, more protection and healing for our skin, and less harm to the environment.
14 days ago

What is hyaluronic acid – and should I be using it?

What is hyaluronic acid – and should I be using it?

You may have heard of hyaluronic acid before, possibly from the Kardashians or your local dermatologist. The product was once a product only accessible to the wealthy, but pharmaceutical development has allowed for mass production without losing quality. These days, hyaluronic acid is widely available and is highly recommended by dermatologists for those looking to repair skin and prevent aging signs.

25 days ago

Top 4 DIY remedies for dry skin

Well, as you know, our skin is a reflection of everything we go through in our daily life, including stress and pollution. But fear not. We have just the perfect home remedies that you can easily include in your dry skin care routine and get that perfect natural glow.
3 months ago

Top 3 hand creams you need for perfect hands

With everything they go through during the day, our hands definitely need some special attention. The goodness of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients helps keep our hands soft and combat dryness or wrinkled skin. The easiest way to keep them moisturized is through hand creams.
3 months ago

3 lesser-known skincare habits to avoid for oily skin

What’s the one thing in life that oily skin beauties are willing to trade all their chocolates for? An acne-free, glowing skin! While we all want flawless skin, there are a few things we often overlook in our daily regime. And these mistakes can cost us our beautiful skin.
3 months ago

3 ways to revive the health of your colored hair

We all love coloring our hair crazy but then comes the difficult part of our journey. Taking care of colored hair is always a battle and keeping them shiny and smooth is never easy. But there are a few tricks to make sure that our hair regains its health like before.
3 months ago

5 steps to ensure a safe visit to the salon

We must be careful before stepping out while visiting our favorite salons again. We must follow a standard hygiene and safety routine during our visits. Take a look at these 5 steps the next time you indulge in some pampering.
3 months ago

4 tips to get salon-style curls at home

So, you thought you can only get salon-finish hair after spending hours and hours at expensive salons! Well, we will be happy to prove you wrong and you would be too because it’s gonna save you loads of money and time. And most importantly, make you a master of your hair where you can have salon-finish hair every day at home.
3 months ago

3 ways to fix dry and damaged hair at home

You might often ask yourself what are the signs of hair damage so that you can figure out whether your hair needs some immediate attention or not. Well, some of the common signs of hair damage are split ends, dull hair, dry hair, easily tangled hair, hair loss, brittle hair, etc. But in this series of life-long styling, our hair needs some extra attention that keeps it healthy.
3 months ago
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