SOS! Summer beauty emergencies

Our skin is overheating, our hair is falling out and our nails are brittle. Why? What’s happening might be a midsummer beauty emergency but it could also be the result of stress from the events we’ve been going through for the past 2 years. Stress from heat or from trauma are both deeply disturbing for our bodies, resulting in exhaustion. This will undoubtedly affect our sleep, our eating, and therefore most probably our appearance. Don’t panic. Here are a few dermatologist approved ways to help soothe our little beauty woes.
5 days ago

What’s in your travel bag?

As we venture outside again and experience the world, finally we are ready for travelling. So you’ve planned your trip and you’re taking all the health precautions, but are you sure you’ve got everything you need? Let’s have a look at the skin care you’re packing, because even before you arrive to your destination, your skin will be put to the test while in transit. Be it on an airplane, train or automobile, the AC and the heat can take their toll on your skin leaving it dehydrated. That is NOT what we want at all! We’re all about being fabulous babes!
1 month ago

5 beauty products you should be using right now

Every week there’s a new trend that you should be trying, a new product that you should be buying- and you know what? Why not. But the bottom line is that we want efficient products with reliable ingredients that actually work. As of today, what should be the staples of your skin care routine?

Here at are some life-changing products you should be using right now.

2 months ago

5 Ramadan beauty tips to keep your skin glowing

So in order to keep your skin glowing all day and all night, here are 5 Ramadan beauty tips. The #skinfluencers all agree: it’s very important to drink water and hydrate your body. There’s no way around it, glowing skin is hydrated skin. But hydration does not include drinking fizzy drinks and coffee! Better stick with natural carbonated or mineral water.
3 months ago

How to fix dry hair?

Rescuing Dry, Damaged, and Dull Hair

There’s nothing more beautiful than healthy, bright looking hair, but hair damage can leave your hair feeling dry and looking dull. It’s an unfortunate side effect of many common hair care routines. But luckily, with a few simple changes, you can return its hair to its full glory. Common sources of hair damage include;

  • Sun damage
  • Heat Styling
  • Aggressive brushing
  • Improper washing


3 months ago

5 new beauty trends

As a global pandemic has changed the face of our world, it has also changed our skin care routine and the way we look after ourselves. We are waking up to more natural products, more protection and healing for our skin, and less harm to the environment.
4 months ago

What is hyaluronic acid – and should I be using it?

What is hyaluronic acid – and should I be using it?

You may have heard of hyaluronic acid before, possibly from the Kardashians or your local dermatologist. The product was once a product only accessible to the wealthy, but pharmaceutical development has allowed for mass production without losing quality. These days, hyaluronic acid is widely available and is highly recommended by dermatologists for those looking to repair skin and prevent aging signs.

4 months ago

Top 4 DIY remedies for dry skin

Well, as you know, our skin is a reflection of everything we go through in our daily life, including stress and pollution. But fear not. We have just the perfect home remedies that you can easily include in your dry skin care routine and get that perfect natural glow.
6 months ago

Top 3 hand creams you need for perfect hands

With everything they go through during the day, our hands definitely need some special attention. The goodness of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients helps keep our hands soft and combat dryness or wrinkled skin. The easiest way to keep them moisturized is through hand creams.
6 months ago
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