Every girl’s arch nemesis: split ends. They begin to happen slowly, then simultaneously. At first, you could hardly detect them, a random flyaway here, a frayed end there. Not that big of a deal… nothing a quick trim won’t fix. Then, before you know it, you’ve postponed your trip to the hairdresser for way too long, and now all you’re left with is dryness, scraggly ends, and a lot of frizz.

Split ends are scientifically named “trichoptilosis”; but to put it simply, split ends happen when one strand of hair is split into two, i.e. due to the hair shaft’s fraying or splitting. It so happens to be one of the most exasperating side effects of simply making your hair grow longer. You probably recognize split ends on the ends of the hair, however did you know that they can actually happen anywhere on the hair strand if the cuticle is dry.

Having some split ends in your hair is pretty normal but when you have them in large amounts, this is not a good sign. Not only do they look bad, but they also indicate that your hair is dry, unhealthy and damaged. If you neglect this problem, you won’t be able to grow your hair past a certain length for example, because if split ends are not taken of properly they can result in brittleness and severe hair breakage.

What Causes Split Ends?

Heat Styling            

The excessive use or over-reliance on hot styling tools (such as hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, and hot rollers at a high temperature) can take its toll on your hair strands and cause split ends since they strip the hair of moisture, which in turn, makes the hair far more vulnerable and prone to splitting and fraying.

Every Day Bad Hair Habits

There are a number of everyday habits that can eventually lead to splitting, without even realizing it! Number one on the list of common culprits is taking a hot shower: using water that is way too hot leaves the hair feeling dehydrated which in turn increases its susceptibility to becoming dry. Even sleeping with your hair tied or drying your hair using a towel up on your head can lead to hair breakage and split ends.

Chemical Treatments

Whether you’re dying, bleaching your hair, or getting perms… all of those chemical treatments weaken your precious hair strands. Why do you ask? Because color treatments open the cuticle which in turn makes it more vulnerable to dryness. That’s why you have to pay more attention to caring for bleached hair or colored hair. Check out our Can Bleached Hair Be Healthy Hair blog for the Intel.

Applying the Wrong Hair Products

Using any hair products just for the sake of taking care of your hair is never a good idea. Applying the wrong hair products can lead to hair breakage just as much as heat or chemicals. In addition, if you’ve been peeling off your own split ends for fun or if you delay your regular trips to the hairdresser, you’re making matters even worse.

For hair that's already in Split End City, do not fear because it may not be too late to fix what's broken: there are some ways to help improve how your hair looks. The Cozmada products we are about to list below are for split-end repair and are targeted to better the appearance of split ends and make them less noticeable and give the hair a sleeker, healthier look.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends Using 4 Cozmada Products:

Heated Defense 150ml

Arm your hair with a protective shield against heat damage that leads to split ends. Heated Defense is a weightless, invisible, leave-in foam treatment designed to deliver a supreme line of defense against damage associated with heated and mechanical tools. It provides extreme heat protection, helps smooth and detangle hair, and helps to support the hair’s natural defense against future damage by providing it with its essential moisturizing agents. Not only that but it also distributes easily and disappears in all hair types.

Heated Defense  leave-in foam

Pro Detangling Hair Brush Large - Rose Gold

If you are too lazy to get a trim, there is an easy way to help prevent fraying: brushing correctly, using the right hairbrush because the right one will distribute natural oils from the roots to the ends in an even way, without rubbing them away. This can make sure your health stays healthy, strong, and resistant to split ends. Try out our rose gold Tangle Angel Pro Detangling Hair Brush – it helps keep untidy mane under control with scientifically developed blade-shaped bristles and also provides a superior detangling experience.

Rose Gold Pro Detangling Hair Brush Large

Oncare Hydrate Smooth Beauty Milk 250ml

This hair cuticle smoothing milk is made for all hair types and is a damage-undoing force to be reckoned with. It smoothens the cuticles and eliminates frizz by taming, nourishing and protecting the hair fiber. With these benefits, this hair care product will leave hair looking healthy and full of body, which eventually leads to a split-ends-free-zone.

Oncare Hydrate Smooth Beauty Milk

Actyva Bellessere Oil 125ml

The Actyva Bellessere Oil is perfect to treat all hair problems –– from strengthening the hair right from the root, to nourishing it all the way to the tip and fighting split ends. It is made for all types of hair, and protects the shaft with an ultra-light film that adds a silky soft feel.It also provides frizz control without weighing the hair down.

Actyva Bellessere Oil-hair care